About Us

What we do

We show busy women how to fit an effective training and nutrition regime into their lives. We show you that you do not need to ‘diet forever’ and teach you how to eat a wholesome and varied diet which fuels your busy lifestyle and enjoyable training sessions.

We work with many women who are tired of commercial gym facilities and who want a place where they feel they belong, that they are valued and ultimately a place where they finally succeed with their health and fitness goals. We build strength and confidence from the ground up and we truly believe we are the best in the industry at what we do.

Our clients enjoy that we take an individual approach to each of them and help them find an eating structure that fits into the rhythm of their life. We don’t offer quick fixes or overnight results, but what we do offer is a long term vision with a sustainable and enjoyable approach to training, nutrition and mindset. A wholesome approach to health and weight management that you can sustain long after you have finished working with us.

How we do it

We drive results through a well structured semi private small group training model. After years of research we found that a 4:1 model of ladies:coach is the perfect ratio for success. This ensures that you get the attention you need from your coach right when you need it, but also the freedom to enjoy a fun group dynamic and work along side other like minded ladies. Group training allows you to keep your costs down but also feel the benefits of working alongside an experienced coach.

Our 45 minute sessions focus on full body strength training with a mixture of core and cardio mixed in in good measures. We have found this full body approach optimal for fat loss and muscle gain and it can provide the necessary daily and weekly challenges needed for your long term success.

Our flexible schedule and class booking app allows you the freedom to choose exactly when you want to train and you have the choice of a variety of class types on offer across a huge choice from Mon-Saturday.

Who we help

We help women who believe they have tried everything to no result. We help women who want to feel healthier, happier, confident and more energised. Women who want to break free from the weight loss cycle of restricting food types for a few weeks only to cave at some point and be back to square one.

We show women the value of strength training for long term weight management and healthy looking bodies. We do this with a sensible training regime that leaves them energised for the rest of their day rather than beaten up.

We strive to deliver the best hour of their day each and every time.

We carefully listen to our clients as they come through the door and give them the session they need right then. This is truly like having a highly skilled one to one personal trainer at all times – but you are in a fun group setting.

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