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Are you sick and tired of waiting for equipment and squat racks in your commercial gym? Do you feel like your workouts are always falling short and you should be achieving more?

Semi Private Personal Training is the answer to those frustrations and more!

Achieve the perfect workout each and every time you come through our door. You will have the exact equipment you need – at your fingertips – the precise moment you need it.

No more hanging around awkwardly at busy squat racks trying to muster up the courage to ask some guy ‘ how many sets do you have left?’…

No more looking at a gym machine wondering how on earth you set it up or use it…

We provide the perfect workout.

We provide the personal coaching and programme cards.

We provide the nutrition advice to compliment your training.


Your time is precious. Don’t waste a second of it waiting for equipment or scrolling on your phone looking for todays workout inspiration. Read below about our 30 Day Kickstart

Become stronger, fitter and in the best shape of your life with our. 30 Day Kickstart Programme –

◾️ Access to 8 Semi Private Personal Training sessions ( 4 Ladies : 1 Coach )

◾️ All access to our Lower & Upper body Pump, Sweat and Hybrid classes.

◾️ Nutrition & Goal setting induction setting.

◾️ Free Class Passes to bring a gym buddy on your first week.


Say goodbye to guesswork with your training and nutrition. Say hello to reliable results and training sessions which will be the best hour of your day! Guaranteed!

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SixFour Fitness is a bespoke personal training studio dedicated to women’s health and fitness. We are built around a culture of hard work and respect and take a client centred approach with everything we do. Every woman is different and as such we believe needs a unique approach to their goals and needs.

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Laura Bartley
Laura Bartley
22 December 2023
SixFour Fitness has truly exceeded my expectations! Since joining in September, the progress I've made in my fitness journey has been outstanding. The small group sessions, limited to 4 women, provide a supportive atmosphere without the pressure of 1:1 sessions. Ronan, Niall, and Holly are exceptional coaches—encouraging, knowledgeable, and adept at pushing you to your limits. The structured approach and personalised attention cater perfectly to specific fitness goals. The eight-week programme's emphasis on progressive overload has been a game-changer, delivering consistent and meaningful progress. Unlike other fitness classes, I appreciate the focus on real, tangible results. As someone with a busy 9-5, the added flexibility of being able to book via the app & attend different sessions in the mornings, evenings, and weekends is a huge plus. Six Four Fitness is the perfect blend of a supportive community and effective strength training. Highly recommended and excited to continue the journey with this fantastic team!
Carol McNelis
Carol McNelis
5 October 2023
Let me start by saying, I am a women in the midst of menopause and it’s not always easy. After some internet searching for local strength training classes/gyms, I came across SixFourFitness. I took a walk one day to see if I could locate the gym and bumped into Niall who was just leaving but who kindly came back, showed me around the cleanest gym I’ve been in and gave me an overview of what they do in this female only gym. I am so grateful for that encounter. SixFourFitness is everything I wanted but didn’t realise I needed. I was apprehensive at the beginning as I am not a gym bunny but I am aware of the research showing how important strength and resistance training is for women in my age category, and from the very first class, Ronan and Holly’s support and encouragement had me realise this is what I had been searching for. I am now in my third month and attending consistently four times a week and I simply love it. The excellent and varied schedule means if work or home life gets in the way of my regular classes, there are other options I can take so I don’t miss out. In addition to the SixFour Team, I love the women I meet and training with a small group really motivates me. Everyone has a back story but in there we are all united, have fun and are encouraging of each person’s fitness accomplishments. We are all at different fitness levels but that doesn’t matter and under the careful eye of Ronan/Holly/Niall, they monitor and help graduate you to the next level which means it never gets boring. I finish each class feeling physically and mentally stronger. Thank you.
Karen H
Karen H
3 October 2023
I have been a member at SixFour for 2.5 years and I cannot recommend it enough. Ronan, Niall and Holly are incredibly knowledgeable, attentive, always ready to offer guidance, and have a genuine interest in helping you reach your goals. They also create an excellent sense of community between all members. One aspect that truly sets this gym apart is its dedication to creating a positive and inclusive environment. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, everyone is made to feel welcome and supported. The class offering and structure are also another highlight, the range of classes means you never do the same workout twice in the same week and the flexibility of being able to book classes on app also means I can adjust my gym schedule to my work and/or social schedule. Once again, no hesitations in recommending SixFour to anyone!
Marina Schink
Marina Schink
2 August 2023
I was never able to find a gym/sport I truly enjoyed and was able to stick to but SixFour changed all of that! The classes are challenging but in a relaxing atmosphere and everyone makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Joining a new gym can be scary but from the first email I felt at home at SixFour! If you're on the fence give it a try - you won't regret it!
Karen Riordan
Karen Riordan
16 June 2023
I joined SixFourFitness back in December. Ronan, Niall & Holly are fantastic coaches- all very knowledgeable and experienced in what they do. The SixFour atmosphere is very warm, welcoming, friendly & motivating. The classes are tailored to meet each person’s ability level within the small group setting. Classes are challenging but enjoyable! I left each session feeling great & always wearing a smile!
Louise Noone
Louise Noone
6 June 2023
I joined SixFour Fitness at the beginning of 2023 at 12 weeks pregnant. They've been absolutely fantastic, tailoring exercises to my needs, and I've been able to keep up my training throughout the pregnancy, which has been so beneficial. The trainers here are brilliant. They are welcoming, know their stuff and are so organised. Classes are small, well structured and flexible so it is easy to keep up a routine and see consistent growth and improvement 🙂 I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a friendly environment in which to keep fit and meet new people. I'll be taking a break to have my baby soon, but really look forward to getting back into their post natal training once I am ready!
Fiona Ralph
Fiona Ralph
26 April 2023
This gym makes me actually want to exercise, for the first time in my life! The coaches are friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable and kind, and because of their expert guidance on exercise and also nutrition I have made progress I'm really pleased with and did not think was possible. The small personal training classes, in a well-equipped and clean space, have a lovely comfortable atmosphere with the right amount of support and challenge, and are at convenient times and lengths to fit around work or study. I'm glad to have found you and highly recommend joining!
Fiona McDonagh
Fiona McDonagh
25 April 2023
I was a card carrying gym hater. My daughter joined Sixfour fitness and couldn’t stop talking about it so I decided I’d give the gym one more try….Best decision I ever made. The coaches are fantastic, there is so much encouragement and support, I actually look forward to the classes. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough, it’s five stars from me.


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