Post Natal Training (Phase 2) – Return to Performance

€197 / month for 2 months

This 8 week training course focuses on a return to peak health, strength and fitness. On graduation from Phase 1 or applying through the link below you will be offered a spot in this second phase of our post natal programme.

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The aim of this course will be to follow a progressive strength programme with an emphasis on increasing load over time along with aerobic and anaerobic supplementary work which will ensure that the client sees incremental gains in her performance as the weeks go by.

Clients will be perform full body strength training workouts and exposed to ‘impact’ exercises which are aimed at challenging the strength and timing of key pelvic floor muscles which can help reduce and eliminate common issues like incontinence and other pelvic floor dysfunctions.

In essence this programme is building on the momentum gained in the later staged of phase one and looks to get the clients ready for reintroduction to ‘general population’ training groups.


  • 8 week training course (You have 12 weeks to complete)
  • Flexible booking system and training times available
  • 45 min classes with a total of 3 women per class.
  • Up to 3 classes per week.


You will be charged €197 at the ‘checkout’ and then once more on the same day of the following month.

If you decide prior to beginning your first training session that this is not for you we will refund you the entire amount.

If you decide during month one that this is not for you we will not charge you for the second payment provided 7 days written notice is given.

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